Distinguished Alumni Award       
          This honor is bestowed in recognition and appreciation of many years of practice and commitment to the Pediatric Community in Buffalo.  Throughout their years in practice each recipient has touched and saved many lives, trained and shaped many future pediatricians, and helped to form a cohesive and thriving pediatric community in Western New York.

                                         Award Recipients:

Martin L. Brecher, MD
Judith L. Baron-Stone, MD

Lawrence Krol, MD, FAAP
Gurang Sheth, MD, FAAP
Barbara Segal, MD, FAAP

Dorothea A. Downey, MD, FAAP
Albert J. Maggioli, MD, FAAP
Vijayan A. Menon, MD, FAAP, FACC
Lawrence J. Nemeth, MD, FAAP
Leslie A. Szirmai, MD, FAAP

Tadla Baliah, MD, FRCP(C), FAAP
James Cavalieri, MD, FAAP
Gerald Daigler, MD, FAAP
Roger Forden, MD, FAAP
Daniel Pieroni, MD, FAAP
Jacob Steinhart, MD, FAAP

​Donald Donius, MD, FAAP
Morris Fine, MD, FAAP
Francesco Giacobbe, MD, FAAP
​John Menchini, MD, FAAP
Theodore Putnam, MD, FAAP
Chelikani V. Varma, MD, FAAP