The Buffalo Pediatric Society was founded in .... 
 We have members that are private pediatricians, hospitalists, and pediatric subspecialists. Each year we organize multiple meetings to both promote comradery and intellectual discussion and to educate our members on   
                          current changes in pediatric care.                                   

Buffalo Pediatric Society ®, 2016
  The purpose of the BPS is to “evaluate the standards and dignity of the practice of pediatrics in the areas of teaching as well as those of professional activities and hospital services.” Furthermore, we seek through a unified pediatric voice to express clearly and concisely opinions concerning the general problems of pediatrics and child welfare. In addition, we maintain close liaison with local, state, and national health authorities with particular reference to the local county medical society, the state medical society, and The American Academy of Pediatrics. Finally, we promote good fellowships and dignified human relationships among the membership.